Drybar 'Buttercup' Blow Dryer

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"Designed with an ultra-powerful motor to get the job done fast and efficiently, Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer delivers perfect, long-lasting blow-outs. NanoIonic? technology helps break up water quickly for reduced drying time while nano beads within the dryer emit powerful negative ions that seal and smooth the hair cuticle, helping to reduce frizz, increase shine and trap moisture inside for more healthy-looking, hydrated hair. Two concentrator nozzles allow for more concentrated airflow. The wider nozzle focuses on a greater area to help hair dry faster, which is great for longer or thicker hair. The narrow nozzle focuses on smaller areas for extra intensity and precision styling and is great for bangs or fringe. It operates at 120 volts and features a nine-foot cord and hang loop for ultimate convenience.Includes 1-year warranty.By Drybar; imported.Item #1177592"

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Drybar 'Buttercup' Blow Dryer

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      Very nice Drybar 'Buttercup' Blow Dryer! I will buy it.

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      I bought these less than a month ago and I love them! They're stylish and comfortable. I have a hard time finding comfortable Drybar 'Buttercup' Blow Dryer fits the bill every time. They were delivered pretty quickly too bonus there..

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      Love this Drybar 'Buttercup' Blow Dryer very comfortable

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